This workshop gives people leaders an easy method to understand the diverse personalities and working styles of people. It gives insights into creating more effective team structures, motivational and incentive measures, and in boosting the productivity of individuals, teams and departments.

Work Dynamix

This workshop is aimed at people leaders in the first-level to mid-level management. Their success depends more on their ability to manage people as anything else. In this workshop they will gain deep understanding of personalities and working styles of people and how to manage them to increase performance and satisfaction levels.

Dynamic Teams

The pace of change in the work environment is changing every day. No organizational structure or process is lasting for more than a few months or at the best a few years. A people leader does not have the luxury of long associations with the team members. There is very short time for a manager to learn about them, to manage them, to earn their trust and to get higher performance out of them. In this workshop people leaders get the deep insights and powerful tools to quickly understand people and manage them.

Personalities and working styles

Workplace is a medley of personalities. People are more than their resumes. Everyone brings their own unique personality and working style to the workplace. Gone are the days anyone has the luxury to grind them to fit the shape and size of the role. An effective manager of today has to quickly understand the people and give them the role and job function in which they shine.

Roles and personalities

We often here that story writers for movies change the script based on the available actors. The same skill is required of the modern manager and pays rich dividends, if mastered. Organizing the department functions around the available personalities is a powerful method that can be easily mastered using the tools and insights provided in this workshop.

Interviewing and recruiting

Any one familiar with corporate or organizational life, in the least, can tell how costly it is to hire a person who proves later to be a liability. But recruiting is a time consuming job and seldom the manager gets the time required to focus on recruiting. In this workshop people leaders gain the skills to quickly and accurately identify the personality of a prospective candidate, so that costly recruiting mistakes can be avoided.

Setting up for success

There is nothing like getting stuck in a wrong role for anyone. It impairs the individual's performance and lowers job-satisfaction, which in turn effects the performance of the team. A successful leader should constantly tune the job functions to the changing demands of the team or department and redistribute he responsibilities to different people in a way they would succeed. An ordinary manager demands performance from his/her team members, and an outstanding manager makes the performance happen. The skills learned in this workshop makes one an outstanding people leader, with whom everyone would love to work.