This workshop gives you a single framework that you can use for multiple purposes: career planning, collaborating with others and understanding organizational dynamics.


This workshop, mainly focused at individual contributors, trains them on a unique framework of human diversity with multiple benefits.

There are three ingredients for succeeding at work:

  1. a clear understanding of oneself, for better career planning
  2. a reasonable to good understanding of others, for better collaboration
  3. a reasonable understanding of the work environment, for survival and success

All the high achievers are gifted with these skills by birth. Others can cultivate it with some effort. This workshop gives a huge jump start in that direction. The uniqueness of this workshop is that it gives a single tool that helps with all the three.

Career planning

Understanding oneself is not an easy task as one would think. Just as people often lack a good understanding of how body works and how nutrition works, people also lack a good understanding of how mind works. The spectrum of instincts taught in this workshop gives people, sort of, x-ray vision into their own mind and personality. They will gain a higher degree of clarity regarding what makes them happy and successful in the short term as well as long term. This is the critical knowledge one needs for career planning. Without this knowledge, people can easily get swayed by many distractions, peer pressures and enticements and drifting away in many directions.


Modern workplaces are very dynamic. People that one work with change very often. One has little time to get to know others, before working working with them. This lack of understanding or minimal understanding is an impediment to effective collaboration, which is an impediment to one's success and job satisfaction. The concept of Varṇa taught in this workshop, reduces the time to understand any person from months to weeks and even to days. It gives the skill to reverse engineer any one's personality with a few interactions, with a fair degree of accuracy. All other personality tools in the industry require people to take an assessment test to discover the personality. But with this framework, one can interpret the personalities of everyone without asking them to take a test. It teaches one the skill of interpreting people based on their simple, day to day behavior.

Work Environment

Modern work environments are fluid; organizational structures and processes change constantly. It feels like sailing in the rough seas with wind changing the direction randomly every too often. Two things are your friends in this landscape, a broad map of the landscape, and your ability to manage the rudder of your own career. Every change in the environment is a challenge for the unprepared, but is an opportunity for the one who is prepared. The concept of Varṇa taught in this workshop, gives a fractal decomposition of the organizational structure, which give immense clarity about organizational structures and dynamics. This clarity puts you at ease with many things happening in your work environment. It prepares you to take advantage of the environment, so that you not only survive but also thrive.