Our core philosophy is to put the Human back in Human Resources and in the Work Force by bringing dramatic improvements in work place productivity, work satisfaction and work-life balance.

Our core philosophy and our training methodology is embedded in our name, Human4ce where 4 refers to the four colors in the logo that represents our unique methodology.

Work Force → Human Force

Workforce is a term familiar to all of us. But that term, honestly, is demeaning to us as humans. We are not work force, we are human force. We do not come to workplace merely to do 'work', which even machines can do. We come with our creativity, goals, imagination, potential, emotions, loyalty and with the need for fulfillment, recognition, opportunity, appreciation, camaraderie, support, and so on.

Modern work places are stressful, because we treat each other as workers, who can roll on when the switch is turned on and continue till the switch is turned off. This approach is nothing but a recipe for making eight most active hours, five to six days of every week, less productive.

We should call ourselves as the human force. We come with the ability to learn, imagine, adapt, invent, improvise, change course, start again, and so on. These are not things that a machine can do, nor are taught in a college. We, as humans, are born with them. Any Business, that knows how to exploit those native capabilities and instincts of people, will find every talent it wants, leadership, innovation, vision, etc., up and down the ranks. Successful Businesses are those that know how to to bring those native capabilities of people into the fore.

Human Resources → Human Force

Without our knowing, an entire generation of us slipped into the use of the phrase, 'human resources', as if we are no more than a resource like a computer, a machine or a robot. We are not resources, we are humans. We don't come to work; we come to express ourselves. And an employer who realizes this gives the opportunity for them to express their best. And that brings the best to the employer, and in turn to the society. It is not just a win or win-win for the employer. It is a win-win-win. It is good for the individual, good for the employer and also good for the society.

Professional → Human

Dale Carnegie is one of the major voices that called for putting the human in sales. He, with a good success, encouraged millions of people to see the human side of the customer, though he did not phrase it exactly that way. All major leadership experts, including Warren Bennis emphasized the themes of being authentic, being oneself. Yet, neither the formal psychology, nor the popular psychology has picked up on these themes. There are no major improvements in the last half-century or century in understanding what humans are, why we work, what is the difference between work and self-expression, what it means by giving 100%, what it means by being authentic. At, Human4ce, we fill that gap with our unique methodology. We give the tools to people that helps them become authentic, fearless, optimistic, positive and productive.

Work-Life balance

In the past couple of decades, we have begun to realize the importance of 'work life balance'. We realized that it is not only in the interest of the employee, but also in the interest of employer, for the employees to balance their work and life. Yet, this falls short of where we should be, speaking ideally.

The very phrase, 'work-life balance' implies that those two are different. We have to ask ourselves: since when did we create the artificial division between the two? For all the generations that were gone by, there was no difference between the two. Work is just part of life, done at home or outside of home. Even today, leaders and high achievers, when asked, 'do you take a vacations?' respond saying, 'I am always on vacation', meaning they don't do work, but they live it.

Why aren't all of us striving to live the work? Why are we creating a boundary between work and life? Why can't we think of work as and integral part of life? These questions form the basis for the philosophy of Human4ce. We consider work is an opportunity for self-expression, and work should be as enjoyable as anything else. Our workshops help your human force bring this shift in their lives.


Our workshops are geared for everyone from individual contributors to people leaders to executives. We help everyone to see the power of putting the 'human' back in 'human resources' and how to do that. This one philosophy means multiple things:

  • understanding the core human nature
  • recognizing the core strengths of oneself and others
  • creating and tuning processes and organizational structures that bring out those core strengths

These core objectives pervade through all of our workshops. Each workshop emphasizes on a few aspects of these core objectives.


Each organization is different. Each organization requires different programs to realize the goal of putting the 'human' back in the 'human resources'. We help you in every step of the way with the design and implementation of the programs.

Social responsibility

We cater not only to the for-profit businesses, but also to the not-for-profit organizations like children's homes and orphanages. Our philosophy is predicated on the value of each individual human being and the core nature of human beings. Children's homes share the same objective. They want to care for each individual child and bring out the potential. But they need good tools to do that, in an effective manner, with the least cost. We give them the tools that are based on the same methodology that we use for corporate world, albeit, tuned to the context of children's homes.