From pre-training to interviewing to on-site or off-site training to interactive discussions to consulting on follow-up programs, we have a comprehensive Engagement Approach called AIDCC, that we can customize to your needs.

Effective Engagement

Our focus is on the effectiveness of our training. We strive to bring a real and substantial change in your Human Force regarding their understanding of themselves and the perspective of work environment, which we believe is the key for substantial improvement in their productivity and satisfaction levels.

To effectuate a substantial change, we realized that we need to deliver this training in person, ensuring that that participants have 100% attention and involvement. To avoid all the distractions, we limit the use of phones, internet, etc. to the break times. We make it highly interactive letting the participants discuss the relevant topics to their natural conclusion, without rushing them through.

To make the training even more effective we limit the number of participants in any given session to twelve, which we find optimal.

Further, we interview the participants in person, one day before the workshop to understand their needs and background, both professional and personal, so that their questions are addressed during the workshop and topics relevant to them are included in the discussions.

We offer personal coaching to follow up after training. Tying up the few loose ends in their understanding goes a long way in the effectiveness of what they have learned and how they apply it in their lives.

Managers, leaders and executives get the most benefit out of what they have learned by designing and implementing programs in their teams, departments and divisions. We help them through our consulting program.

This five step methodical approach is dubbed as AIDCC, an acronym for Assist, Interview, Deliver, Coach and Consult.

Public and Private, On-site and Off-site

We offer our workshops in two formats, public and private. Private workshop is exclusively for your employees. Public workshop is open to any company for sending the employees. Employers may chose to send one or two of their managers, HR professional, etc., to a public workshop to get a feel of our workshops, before sending more employees to our training.

We offer the workshops on-site as well as off-site. On-site workshops has the advantage of avoiding the traveling costs and time. Off-site workshops have the advantage of freeing the people from pre-occupations and distractions. You, as an employer, can choose the best that works for you.

Step 1: Assist

This is the first step in our engagement with you. In this step, we meet with the sponsoring executive or manager, to understand their training needs, pain points, environment, sensitivities and culture. Further we give an in depth view of the different workshops that we offer, so that the sponsor can choose the right workshop. This step is applicable only to Private workshops.

Step 2: Interview

This is the second step in our engagement process. In this step, we interview, on the day before the workshop, each participant in person. This is the extra mile we walk for you to make the training most effective. This step gives us an opportunity for us to learn about the participants, their needs and their background. Similarly, it gives them an opportunity to ask any questions they might have regarding the nature, content, format and expected benefits of the workshop.

Step 3: Deliver

This is the third and main step in our engagement process. In this step, we deliver the training. During the training, we discuss numerous real life situations of the work environment, both the generic ones and those that are specific to the industry and departments of the participants. We build the concepts in a methodical manner and make sure no one is 'lost' during the training. Our commitment to our participants, to the 'human' in them is absolute.

Step 4: Coach

This is the fourth step in our engagement process. In this step, we provide post-training one on one coaching for the participants. The amount of information given in our training could feel overwhelming to some people. The post-training coaching dramatically increases their comfort level in applying what they have learned. Even for those who did not feel it overwhelming, the coaching helps them realize creative applications of what they have learned in their day to day work.

Step 5: Consult

This is the fifth and final step in our engagement process. It is an optional step, for those who just want to put the insights and tips from our workshops to personal use. But for those who want to bring the benefits of this workshop to teams, departments and divisions, right kind of programs need to be designed and implemented. We consult on just doing that. Since the concept of Varṇa has limitless applications, you can implement various programs in your organization such as those related to recruiting, team incentives, product design, marketing, structural improvements, process improvements and so on. We provide consulting for this wide spectrum of needs.