Putting the 'human'
back in Human resources

Colors of Humanity

Human4ce introduces you to a new, powerful and fractal framework called 'Colors of Humanity'. It gives you an x-ray vision, to see the inner workings of human minds, organizations and the humanity itself, the way you have never seen before. It changes your view of the world, workplaces, teams and people completely and forever.

This new vision helps everyone, from the top executives to individual contributors, to see things differently and collaborate with each other more effectively. It helps everyone, the employers, the employees, and the managements learn the skill of 'getting what one wants for oneself while giving to others want they want'.

This framework is introduced in the form of four-day intensive yet engaging workshops. These workshops are limited to sixteen participants creating a highly interactive environment. Participants learn not only from the instructor, but also from each other. Instructor interweaves the concepts of Colors of Humanity with the personal and real-life examples and situations that participants bring up for discussion.

Human4ce workshops are like retreats. You don't go out just with some knowledge and fun experiences, but completely transformed and rejuvenated, with a new pair of eyes to see the world, the workplaces and yourself differently.

Human4ce has been conducting these workshops since 2099 in USA and India. There are three workshops: one focused on the individual contributors called 'Success@Work', one on people leaders called 'Work Dynamix' and the third on senior leadership called 'Epic Leadership'.

All three workshops introduce the same fractal framework of Colors of Humanity, so that the individual contributors, the people leaders and the senior leadership have the same common language and concepts to build on.

What you learn about humanity in these workshops can also be used outside the work environment, such as in dealing with your customers, with your neighbours and friends, and with all your family members, i.e., spouse, children, parents, siblings and so on.


Workshop for
People Leaders

This workshop focuses on how people leaders can utilize the cencept of 'Colors of Humanity' for such purposes as:

  1. understanding the diverse personalities and working styles of direct reports and peer management
  2. creating more effective team structures for higher productivity and job satisfaction
  3. identifying the people with the required aptitude and attitude while hiring
  4. setting the members of the team for success.

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Workshop for
Senior Leadership

This workshop focuses on how senior leaders can utilize the cencept of 'Colors of Humanity' for such purposes as:

  1. better organizational design and better work culture
  2. improving transparancy, trust and reducing workplace friction and stress
  3. designing more effective recruitment methods and policies
  4. designing better and effective motivational measures, incentives and rewards
  5. establishing communication and change management practices that are effective with diverse employees.

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Workshop for
Individual Contributors

This workshop focuses on how individual contributors can utilize the cencept of 'Colors of Humanity' for such purposes as:

  1. finding opportunities, goal setting and career planning
  2. working with colleagues, boss and customers
  3. understanding the global, organizational, departmental and team context in a fractal manner
  4. finding work-life balance
  5. integrating one's own spiritual values into one's own work ethics and environment.

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